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No Experience Needed

We are searching the Pinellas and Pasco County areas for young people interested in the photo / video production business from both sides of the camera for some fun intern style paid gigs!

Photo & Video Creators

Are you a high school or college age girl or guy interested in photography or video production with cute models? You should be working with us!

We are looking for a couple of aspiring photographers / videographers to work with us on a few projects to learn all the cool tricks and equipment. Then, if they're good at it, they can break out on their own to work with their own model to build a profitable Instagram profile and fan club website.

If this sounds like you - please reach out by using the form below. We'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Make-up & Hair Stylist Fun

Do you love working with make-up and hair styles for your friends? Maybe even going to Sun State Academy or some other beauty school? Wish you could work on models for Instagram and YouTube?

Maybe you can! Try it by helping us with a beginner model or two just to get a taste of the business, then either keep working or partner up with one of the aspiring photographers we are looking for. You just never know what can happen until you give it a try.

If you think this is something you may wish to try one or two weekends a month - please reach out by using the form below. We'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Podcast & Video Craziness?

Are you a college age female into silly and wild chats with other college age girls? Have you ever thought of hosting a podcast where you get to do just that and get paid for doing it?

Maybe we are the connection you need. We have an idea about a fun podcast where girls interview each other about life, men, crazy days, festivals & concerts, more men and much more. One problem... here in Clearwater we do not yet have a female on board to be the host!

Think you could extract all the fun and sexy stories from other females while chilling on the couch - please reach out by using the form below. We'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Models, Yes We Said Models

Of course we keep our eyes open for new models at all times. If you are an attractive female in the high school or college age range and love being in front of the camera we damn well may have some sort of fun project coming up you can join us on.

We've worked with over 600 models in the 30 years our company has been around, many of them right here in Clearwater, but we are always on the lookout for new girls that can enhance our projects or collaborate with us on their own projects.

On Instagram check out teen model / California girl @KylinKalani with 500,000 followers, @Natalie_Grace_Official_3 with 350,000 followers, @_Mia.Kim with 300,000 followers, or @PresleyElise . We don't work with those girls, but viewing their success makes us confident that fun and profitable content production like that can be done with teen models, and their teen photographer friends, right here in the Pinellas and Pasco County areas. Could it be you, or your sister, or your cousin?

Do you look awesome on modern swimwear styles and love being in front of the camera? Don't waste time because some other cute girl will get the attention and money if you don't jump right down the page and fill out that form NOW or call us at 303-474-4449.

The Who & Why

Group Five Photosports is a photo & video production company from Colorado that is expanding back to Clearwater, Florida in late fall 2021. We said "back to Clearwater" because we maintained a studio here from 2004-2010 and know the area very well. That studio worked with

We started in 1983 as a photo studio but over the past 30+ years have expanded into video production, subscription websites, producing live streaming events, and under the Group Five Media and TrueModels names we do website hosting and other backend tech services for others. If super curious you can read more about us on Zoom Business here and in more detail on our site here.

You may ask why we are looking for all these people but the answer is simple. We're getting old. We've been around the pretty girl picture business over 30 years. It's time for us older guys to slow down, smoke some cigars and drink some rum, while lending a little bit of knowledge and experience to the younger crowd. We want to take a little bit more of a behind the scenes approach to the business these days and let the younger people do all the out front production work.

Plus, younger people understand the current trends and have a totally different style compared to us. This is a good time to be an ambitious young photographer with a friend that loves doing make-up and another friend that looks awesome in a bikini! There is a lot of fun to be had and money to be made these days!

We are a business and want to make a profit from all our projects. We have ideas, we have experience, we have gear, and we have money to buy more gear and cute outfits, but in the Clearwater area we do not yet have local helpers, assistants or paid interns to create a fun production crew.

There is a million opportunities out there. Time to team up so we can go grab them for ourselves.

EXAMPLE 1: With our TrueModels hosting service we manage fan club subscribers for a 16 year old Brazilian bikini model / InstaModel (150,000 followers) and her photographer boyfriend. They profit thousands of dollars a month. Our company gets part of that money for doing the technical stuff and customer service stuff.

Of course that can be done right here in the Clearwater area. We want that fan club hosting service to grow so its a natural thing to help a few girls and guys in this area get started. Work with us a little bit to learn and BOOM, just like that you'll be making or staring in awesome photos and videos and can get your own small content production business going.

EXAMPLE 2: A lady that worked in our office back in 2005-2008 now has a teenage daughter. The girl wants to be a pastry chef and even start a YouTube channel showing how she creates her pastries, treats, candies and other foods. Mom and daughter have no idea how to film, how to record the sound, how to edit, and of course they don't have lights and cameras.

It makes perfect sense for us to help them find a high school age girl or guy that is interested in video production to work with. If the teen pastry chef girl gets popular and starts selling pastries and candies online she'll do it with our hosting service (so we profit), and if the teen videographer gets good in the future they'll expand into other projects and work with us or rent our studio (so we profit).

Those are just 2 examples but there are hundreds of possibilities out there. It all inter-connects: The girl that helps on hair, and the guy that arranges the lights, for the teen pastry chef cooking videos might just two days later be working with a local bikini babe, and yet another 2 days later be helping with a couple of college girls for our new video podcast. Its all about learning, experiences, and producing.

All positions are paid jobs. Nobody here is expected to work for free!

The possibilities are endless! If you are interested in the content production business from either side of the camera and think it might be fun to work with us a couple of weekends each month over the fall of 2021 and busting into 2022 please reach out using the form below.

Submit Your Info

Carefully complete the form below and use the comment area to tell us a bit about yourself and your goals. If you can't use the form to submit your information, or have questions first, please send them by email to: Staff@TrueModels.com or call us at 303-474-4449.